This advanced feature has not been installed under your current service plan. However, this feature is available as an advanced option or you can purchase it separately for an additional monthly service fee.

To add this or any other advanced feature to your service plan call customer service at (707) 637-0247.

Economy Plan - Does not include any of the following advanced features:
Standard Plan - Includes any four (4) of the following advanced features:
Advanced Plan - Includes any eight (8) of the following advanced features:
Premium Plan - Includes ALL of the following advanced features:

 1.  Ad Tracking - Track Click-Through Advertising and Sales
 2.  Affiliate Manager - Run your own Affiliate Program (Shopping Carts Only)
 3.  Wholesale Manager - Offer Wholesale Discounts (Shopping Carts Only)
 4.  Exchange Link Manager - Organize and Swap Links with Other Websites
 5.  Volume Discounts - Offer Discounts on Quantity Purchases (Shopping Carts Only)
 6.  Customer Discounts - Offer Discounts to Returning Customers (Shopping Carts Only)
 7.  Minimum Purchase - Require a Minimum Purchase on all Orders (Shopping Carts Only)
 8.  Virtual Payment Terminal - Accept Payments for Outside Services (Shopping Carts Only)
 9.  Promotional Codes and Gift Certificates - Customers love them! (Shopping Carts Only)
10.  Display List Pricing and Savings to Customers (Shopping Carts Only)
11.  Customers can Print out a List of all your Products (Shopping Carts Only)
12.  Digital Download Manager - Product Downloads (eBooks, etc.)(Shopping Carts Only)
13.  Accounting Download Manager - Download Sales Info (Shopping Carts Only)
14.  Bill Me Later - Customers can Buy Now and Pay Later (Shopping Carts Only)
15.  Multi-Image Product Viewer - The Professional Look (Shopping Carts & Catalogs Only)
16.  Large Image Support - Display Large Product Images. (Shopping Carts & Catalogs Only)
17.  Advanced Form Fields - Add Optional Form Fields to Products (Shopping Carts Only)
18.  Hit Counter - Displays Number of Visitors on your Home Page
19.  Advanced Calendar - Display Events for the Public or use Privately
20.  Ticket Manager - Track and Respond to Customers Quickly & Efficiently
21.  Video Manager - Display MPEG-1 Video Clips (Shopping Carts & Catalogs Only)
22.  Will Call Pickup - Offer your Customers Local Order Pickup (Shopping Carts Only)